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Integrated Architectural Design

Deadtree Design works in the technical world of building science, codes and challenging constraints, yet still finds room for art. The art part may be as little as 5% of a project, but it's the motivation for what I do, and what sets the work apart.

What it is

  • Residential and Light Commercial Design, from the early stages through complete construction documents and project assistance
  • Site planning; area planning; limited landscape and structural design
  • A business established in 1980 with an excellent track record and repeat customers, Deadtree Design is a one man firm that collaberates with other AEC professionals as needed
  • Highly developed CAD operator skills and the very best tools for 3D visualization, building information modeling (BIM) artistic renderings and detailed construction documents
  • Reasonable hourly rates geared towards the average wage earner

What it's not

  • A firm that is primarily motivated by profit and self promotion
  • A firm with expensive certifications, high overhead costs, employee payroll expense, professional organization fees, advertising, etc.

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