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Integrated Architectural Design

Deadtree Design is low profile, understated but skilled and impassioned building design. I can honestly make that claim because I don't employ an editor or staff who might tell me otherwise and my clients don't want to upset me for fear of what I'll do. But I'm guessing you don't want to read a bunch of blathering self praise and that you just want to get to the skinny and decide for yourself. Well, you're in luck because you've just been handed the cheat sheet:

What it is

  • integrated residential and light commercial building design, which means pulling all relevant information into the project and connecting to the locale
  • site planning; area planning; limited landscape and structural design
  • an established business with an excellent track record and many repeat customers, some of whom still speak to me
  • highly developed CAD operator skills and the best tools for 3D visualization, building information modeling (BIM) artistic renderings and detailed construction documents
  • hourly rates that are half that of my plumber, who can probably afford to retire someday

What it's not

  • a firm that can legally design anything bigger than houses or light commercial structures without collaborating with a registered architect or engineer (which is an option for clients and something I often do)
  • a large architectural firm with expensive certifications, huge overhead expense, employee's, unions, etc. - one who relies on the common belief (usually true) that you get what you pay for and then soaks the client to pay for continual self promotion, aka the bigger is better business model (big-BM) - with fees based on construction cost, resulting in inflationary practices (boosting project expense for even greater profit)
  • (inhale) I'm not bitter though, really

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